The Silver Strike: Obsessive Spot Checking

BY Jaime R. Valdes

I use to wake in the morning and my first mini-task of the day was to check emails and Facebook. I mean, literally while still in bed, I blindly reach for my iPhone to turn off the alarm. Then I check Facebook, emails and now spot prices.

I know, I’m horrible human. My brain is caught up with instant gratification within seconds of me waking. Not only does this go against my boundaries, however I am purely in self-will, thus it doesn’t feel good.

So why do I do it? Because it’s fun, exciting and it gives me purpose in my own little safe haven. However there is a line for everything, and I crossed it a long time ago. But, I found some techniques, If you will, on how to curb that obsession of tracking spot prices for my silver.

I use to do this with my social media apps. Most of the time it was due to me building resentments on Facebook Friends for something stupid they posted. Also because I spend to much time and energy. It’s like I am in “trance” and the only part of my body that moves is my thumb. And yes, I can always download the app back, which I do, but it makes for good awareness and practice. So I have 3 different websites saved to my home screen, where I can access the spot prices. Taking those off helps because then I have actually search on my phone, and who has time for that? I admit, I struggle, but it’s progress and not perfection.

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