The Silver Excitement!

I bought my first Silver American Eagle coin back in 2017. I was blogging on and started messaging with a guy who ran a site about silver. I was intrigued by words like “spot-price” and “brilliant uncirculated.” I remember seeing a picture of Sunshine Mint 1 oz silver round and was mesmeroized by it’s beauty and shine.

…A few weeks later I bought my first Silver Amercan Eagle coin. I can’t remember the price but it was very affordable. I managed to accumulate 19 silver rounds from various mints including a few Buffalo’s and Maple Leaf’s. My plan was to invest a little from each check, and watch the spot-price. It was pure excitment when bidding, then waiting for package to arrive at your door step. The weight of the little brown envelope, in my hands proved to be something of value and not just another thing I bought off the Internet that would end up in a pile with other random junk besides my desk.

Then my son happened. So I figured while my wife was pregnant, I should start tightening up my finances. I started with canceling automatic payment set-ups for site’s I don’t need or use. I also paid off a credit card or two so I would not have that monthly payment. And in doing so, I sold my silver to help. Selling I thought was going to be some miserable hassle, kind of like “death-by-PowerPoint” and would not get much for it. I was wrong. I found a coin store that gave me “spot” value, and paid me in cash. I don’t know if I made any money, but I do know I didn’t lose any. But the best part for me, was the no hassle and getting my money back at the least. The silver rounds had not lost value.

Now that my boy is safely in our lives, I’ve reestablished my new hobby of buying, selling, and collecting silver rounds and coins. It’s exciting to bid, sell on auction, and to keep the real cool ones in hopes of one day passing them down to my son.

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